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About The Den

Bringing sound to life

"Neil never gives less than 100% service." - Robin Hoare, pro musician


Good news! The Den is still in business. I supply superb quality products from Creek Audio, Epos Loudspeakers, and The Chord Company Ltd.

As you can see from this latest web site, my main line of business now involves provision of leading edge signal transmission engineering to Musicians, Live Music Venues and Recording Studios. The challenge is huge, so right up my street!

Finally, sincere thanks and best wishes to my loyal Customers everywhere.
Happy listening and playing!! - Neil

Head to Cab/Stack Leads

By The Chord Company

Premier Head to Cab/Stack Lead

Goodbye cable overload, hello great sound!!

This outstanding product features Neutrik Termination and a highly advanced cable structure including:-

  • Heavy gauge, silver plated, oxygen free copper multi-strand conductors.
  • Teflon insulation.
  • Dual high performance shielding system.
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket provides outstanding mechanical damping.
  • 10 Year guarantee.
Neutrik Quarter Jacks
  • 1 metre cable length
  • Terminated with Neutrik Quarter jacks
per cable
Neutrik Quarter Jack/Speakon
  • 1 metre cable length
  • Terminated with Neutrik Speakon/Quarter jack
per cable
Neutrik Speakon
  • 1 metre cable length
  • Terminated with Neutrik Speakon both ends
per cable

Mail Order - add £2.00 P&P per lead (one parcel of 3 leads or more post free).
Longer lengths available. Contact Neil with your requirements.

Standard Head to Cab/Stack Lead

Another great product featuring Neutrik termination

This outstanding product features Neutrik Termination and a highly advanced cable structure including:-

  • 1.8 mm diameter multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors.
  • Twisted conductor configuration.
  • Dual foil shielding system.
  • Vibration damping translucent outer jacket.
  • 10mm overall diameter
  • 10 Year guarantee.
Neutrik Speakon
  • 1 metre cable length
  • Terminated with Speakon both ends
per cable

Mail Order - add £2.00 P&P per lead (one parcel of 3 leads or more post free).
Longer lengths available. Contact Neil with your requirements.

Turbo>Tone Speaker Cable Upgrade

Designed by Neil Ramsden & Sourced From The Chord Company

A Speaker Cable upgrade for all Combos and Cabinets.

D.I.Y. Kits available!

The Turbo>Tone Benefits

  1. More control for you.
  2. Better clean and crunch.
  3. Less unwanted noise which masks your tone.
  4. More harmonics and dynamics.
  5. Superior detail resolution.
  6. Increased sound projection.
  7. Find out what your speaker(s) can actually do.

This product is available as a retrofit upgrade for all combos and cabinets ever made.
As each job is custom, price (minimum £40.00) will vary according to specific product involved (cable length and fitting costs etc).

"I upgraded my Music Man 75 with Turbo>Tone a few months ago. It is the best modification I have ever had done on an amp. The improved signal path from amp to speaker gives a full blooded, exceptionally clear and genuinely dynamic tone. There is no scratchy sharpness in the top end and the bass is beautifully defined. When idle the amp is incredibly quiet. This mod has not changed the amplifier so much as help it to be what it was built to be. It does the same job much better. Would I recommend Turbo>Tone? Hell yes!!!" - Robin Hoare, professional musician

Contact Neil to confirm pricing and place your order

Do It Yourself Kits

Good at soldering? Know someone who is?

You can now buy Turbo>Tone in kit form. The cable is priced at £0.35 Pence per CM. A straight Neutrik plug is £5.50, the right angle version £5.99.
A typical one by 12" Combo/Cab may cost as little as £25.00 to upgrade and that includes the postage/shipping ( in the UK ). International mail order is also available. Contact Neil with your measurement(s)/requirements and a precise price will be provided.

Turbo>Tone Limited Edition D.I.Y. Head To Cab Lead

Using the wrong type of cable from Head to Cab? Make the right connection with this affordable kit. Soldering skills required.

  • Metre of cable - £4.00
  • Neutrik straight Jack plug - £5.50
  • Neutrik right angle Jack plug - £5.99
  • U.K. postage - £5.00

Buy the cable on its own if you wish. International mail order available. Contact Neil today

The Den recommends Tayden Loudspeakers

Cream Instrument Cable

By The Chord Company

Preserve your tone!! Buy quality, save money.

Broad selection in stock! Prices from £45.00

Demonstration cables available

"I'm shocked at how good these Cream leads are. Don't take my word for it, TRY ONE NOW!!"

T.J. Norton
Professional Harmonica Player
Los Angeles

"The difference was striking. It presents the sound in a very clear way... I heard the sound of the amp (Mesa Boogie Mk 4) for the first time."

Mike Walker
Professional Jazz guitarist

"Enough of the 6 string slingers! Cream cables are great for bass players."

John Houghton
Big City

Cream Instrument Cable is now the lead of choice amongst musicians who share a genuine passion for self expression.

The signal is accurately transmitted through a lead designed and made by musician/engineers who require a reliable cable suitable for all types of music, instruments and playing techniques. Custom U.K. manufacture and UK/International mail order are provided (no V.A.T. outside the E.U.).

Discount for multiple purchases (U.K. only) - Contact Neil to discuss your requirements.

Artisan Luthier Bill Dinsdale now includes Cream Cable as part of equipment for development and testing of his legendary Acoustic Guitars.

Cream Instrument Cable on Youtube

Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine

For Sale, One Only - First Come, First Served

Rare Double Record Cleaning Machine


Full working condition with many new parts fitted. Some cosmetic wear to cabinet. Spare parts and accessories included. Buyer collects.

The machine was originally constructed in the 1970s and has had 2 rebuilds in 1985 and 2003. Neil has owned it since 1987. It has cleaned thousands of records and works superbly. The model no is KMAL RCM Mk II which appears on the rating plate on the back of the unit. Spare parts are available as new from Keith Monks.

Contact Neil to secure this rare gem

Opus 3 New Vinyl

For Sale While Stock Lasts

New, unopened LP records from Opus 3, the renowned Swedish recording company. See list below!!

Single Vinyl LP £17.95, Double Vinyl LP £28.00.

  • 7707 Rune Engso Organ
  • 7804 A New Ground
  • 7807 Sakralt
  • 7809 Johannes Orglar Rune Engso
  • 7908 Orgelafton Reger, Widor, Bach etc
  • 7911 Peoria Jazz Band
  • 7918 Chalmers Sangkor
  • 8001 Passion
  • 8002 J.S. Bach Organ
  • 8005 David Patrick Organ
  • 8007 Two old organs
  • 8008 Alidhems Nyfolkliga Dansorkester
  • 8009 Pro Organo Pleno
  • 8011 Duo Per Albena
  • 8014 Maytan And Friends
  • 8103 Sara Marie Anderson Bergen Havn
  • 8104 Reubke, Jongen and Absil. Organ works
  • 8111 Poulenc, Lidholm Pizetti. Upsalla Akademiska Kammarkor
  • 8202 Olsson, Sjogren and Guilmant Organ works
  • 8203 Louis Vierne Symphony No 1
  • 8204 Louis Vierne Symphony No 2
  • 8205 Louis Vierne Symphony No 4
  • 8206 Louis Vierne Symphony No 5
  • 8207 Louis Vierne Symphony No 6
  • 8301 Dupre, Durufle, Guillou, Alain. Organ works. Margaret Phillips
  • 8307 Lundborg, Elgenmark, Melberg. Organ Works. Gustavi Domkyrka
  • 8406 Landgrens Kapell
  • 8602 De Sovande Mastarna Classical Guitar. Bo Ahlin

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