A message from John Helliwell of Supertramp

I have known Neil Ramsden of “The Den” for over 15 years, and I can attest to his honesty, enthusiasm, perspicacity and friendliness in all my dealings with him, both personally and commercially.

His vast knowledge of all products in the area of quality sound has enriched my life. I hope that our relationship can last another 15 years by which time I’ll probably be deaf!


Neil Ramsden


Welcome to The Den! I hope you enjoy exploring my website. 

Since 1986, The Den has been involved in provision of high quality sound equipment to music lovers, both players and listeners, establishing a worldwide client base.

The Den has operated in the record business, hi-fi industry and boutique guitar/bass amplification sectors. In 2014, business activity was moved from retail premises occupied since 1986 to my current home.

Today The Den specialises in supply of high quality, reliable cable products to a global client base of musicians (home players to star performers), recording studios, back line hire companies, repair/modification shops, music teachers/pupils, academic institutions and live music venues.

If you have any questions, please start with the Cable FAQs page. For further assistance please contact me. Questions concerning products or services not detailed within this website should be directed elsewhere. Thank you.

All Customers receive an itemised Invoice/Bill before paying. Invoices through PayPal (use Credit Cards etc, no PayPal account required) are a popular choice. Order on this site and await your Invoice. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.