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A Message from John Helliwell of Supertramp

I have known Neil Ramsden of “The Den” for over 15 years, and I can attest to his honesty, enthusiasm, perspicacity and friendliness in all my dealings with him, both personally and commercially.

His vast knowledge of all products in the area of quality sound has enriched my life. I hope that our relationship can last another 15 years by which time I’ll probably be deaf!


A speaker cable upgrade for all combos and cabinets

Direct price – Only £0.38 pence per CM/£0.95 Pence per Inch.

Are you someone who finds that changing valves or the loudspeaker in your Combo Amplifier or Cabinet makes a positive difference to your sound? If so, like a number of famous Technicians such as Phil Taylor (Pink Floyd/David Gilmour), you are aware of how attention focused on the often overlooked details can add up to a useful difference.

You might do well to think about Turbo>Tone, an inexpensive modification suitable for your equipment. Turbo>Tone is a combination of oxygen-free copper, silver and a specific form of PTFE.

Turbo>Tone is fitted within the Wienbrock Signature Amp created for Guitar Legend, Elliott Randall!

Priced at only £0.38 pence per CM/£0.95 pence per Inch, the Turbo>Tone Combo/Cabinet Speaker Cable upgrade can be custom cut to precisely fit your Combo or Cabinet. This ensures you spend no more money than is necessary. Just measure exactly what you need. Alternatively, for convenience, choose a ‘one size fits all‘ option:-

  • Combo/Cabinet with one speaker cone – 60 CM (£22.80)
  • Each additional cone(s) – 40 CM (£15.20)

The customer is responsible for accurate measurement. Longer lengths equipped with appropriate plug/spade terminals can be particularly cost effective for people who regularly change equipment and wish to move Turbo>Tone to different products. In these circumstances choose a ‘one size fits all’ option.

Why buy Turbo>Tone?

  • More control for you
  • Better transmission of clean, crunch and overdrive tones
  • Less unwanted noise which masks your tone
  • Maximise harmonics and dynamics
  • Superior note separation
  • Increased sound projection
  • Find out what your speaker(s) can actually do

Turbo>Tone Inside!

A selection of gear fitted with Turbo>Tone.

Is Turbo>Tone the right product for me?

To find out listen to the Turbo>Tone sound demo below or download the WAV (10MB) file to listen offline. This is a blind demonstration so your ears will decide.

Can you hear any difference? If you can, which sound do you prefer, A or B?

Ready to Order Turbo>Tone?

Turbo>Tone on YouTube Before and After Fitting

Sincere thanks to enthusiastic customers!

Download Turbo>Tone Instructions

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

Turbo>Tone doesn’t colour the amplifier and speaker’s original tone, which is crucial when dealing with vintage amps like my Fender Vibro Champ. Turbo>Tone brings the tone into sharper focus and gets the speaker working more efficiently, which for the Vibro Champ translates into greater clarity, full bodied classic Fender glassy clean tone and even lusher tremolo. The greater sound projection is another bonus for me both for studio work and Gigs.

Paul Henderson,  Guitarist and Producer

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

The Tone of my Fender Blues Junior is significantly warmer, richer with better low, mid and high end clarity. Worth the time and £15.00 any day!

Richard Kitson, Musician

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

I couldn’t believe the difference after the modification.
Now there is almost no noise when left on at idle and the Amp is louder with tighter Bass and Mids.
When cranked up it just sounds heavenly. At last, the Fender Tone in full!

Michael Maksymiw, The Blueniks

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

The improved signal path from amp to speaker gives a full blooded, exceptionally clear and genuinely dynamic tone. There is no scratchy sharpness in the top end and the bass is beautifully defined. When idle the amp is incredibly quiet.

Robin Hoare, Professional Musician

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

All my Wienbrock Combos and Cabinet have Turbo>Tone fitted.
Now I can now hear the music I’m playing in full.
All it took was 82cm of the right cable for £29.00. A bargain!!

Tony Bilny, Guitarist and Songwriter

Turbo>Tone- what musicians say

I upgraded my Music Man 75 with Turbo>Tone a few months ago. It is the best and cheapest modification I have ever had done on an amp. This mod has not changed the amplifier so much as help it to be what it was built to be. It does the same job much better. Would I recommend Turbo>Tone? Hell yes!!!

Robin Hoare, Professional Musician

Turbo>Tone – what musicians say

Turbo>Tone is definitely a worthwhile upgrade to any Tube amplifier, the sonic difference against stock speaker wire is like day and night. The overall projection of sound is vastly increased along with note clarity and sparkley goodness. My Blues Jr sounds extremely glassy whilst retaining a full bottom end. Heaven!!

Gary Whitaker, Guitarist