A message from John Helliwell of Supertramp

I have known Neil Ramsden of “The Den” for over 15 years, and I can attest to his honesty, enthusiasm, perspicacity and friendliness in all my dealings with him, both personally and commercially.

His vast knowledge of all products in the area of quality sound has enriched my life. I hope that our relationship can last another 15 years by which time I’ll probably be deaf!



A speaker cable upgrade/replacement modification kit for
all cabinets and combos.

Turbo>Tone speaker upgrade cable

Upgrade your combo or cabinet by replacing the internal speaker cable.

This is the idea behind Turbo>Tone, an inexpensive speaker cable upgrade kit, which brings a whole new level of performance to your cab or combo. Assemble and install Turbo>Tone yourself or have a Tech complete the task for you. UK customers can be referred to an experienced assembly technician who will produce a 'plug and play' product. Ask Neil for details.

Turbo>Tone features 12 AWG oxygen-free copper, silver plus a specific form of PTFE to provide incredible clarity, cut-through projection and richer overdrive distortion from your cab or combo. It's also an ideal modification for players who love effects and vintage tone.

Turbo>Tone is fitted within the Wienbrock Signature Amp created for Guitar Legend, Elliott Randall!

Turbo>Tone can be custom cut to fit your gear. This ensures you spend no more money than is necessary. Just measure what you need.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to measure, choose a ‘one size fits all‘ option. When equipped with appropriate plug/spade terminals this option is cost effective if you wish to move Turbo>Tone to different cabs/combos.

Turbo>Tone is only supplied in kit form. You can buy Turbo>Tone on its own or with a jack plug. Turbo>Tone has been available since 2012.

Not sure about Turbo>Tone? Please listen to the blind sound demonstration below and put Turbo>Tone to the test. We hope you like it!

Turbo>Tone is only

0.38 per cm
  • Custom cut to your measurements
  • Buy only what you need
  • Plug options are
  • Right angled Neutrik Quarter Jack plug (NP2RX) £5.90
  • Straight Neutrik Quarter Jack plug (NP2X) £5.50
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One size fits all

22.80 for 60cm
  • For a Cab/Combo with one speaker cone, a multiple speaker Combo (Amplifier output socket to first cone) & multiple speaker Cabinet (input socket to first cone)
  • Additional cones
  • £15.20 for 40cm (per cone)
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 UK from £3.50
 International Tracked/Signed from £10.00

Is Turbo>Tone right for me?

To find out listen to the Turbo>Tone sound demo below.
This is a blind demonstration so your ears will decide.

If you hear any difference please click a preference below and your choice will be revealed.

Download the WAV (10MB) file to listen offline.

You can also use the Videos further down this page.

Turbo>Tone on YouTube

Before and after fitting.

Guitar demonstration

Bass guitar demonstration


What musicians say about Turbo>Tone